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Our mission at Scruffy HQ is to create, distribute and sell the highest quality natural mineral dog shampoo and other such splendid products that always benefit your dogs mind, body or soul. With a continued commitment to source and incorporate natural, wholesome ingredients while keeping our products innovative and fun!

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Dead Sea Minerals and Oatmeal

Dead Sea Minerals have a unique ability to attract and retain moisture, promoting healthy hydrated skin and a nourished and silky coat. If they are good enough for humans, they are good enough for your precious pooches!

98% Natural & Organic

Natural ingredients are a must for us and we have spent a long time making sure we get it right. With a whopping 98% natural ingredients and a whole lot of love we think we’ve got the balance just right.

Sulfate Free

Sulfates, the foaming agents that give you bubbles, have a pretty bad press and if you believe what you read then you’ll know that they are thought to strip hair of its natural oils which are very important to your furry best friend. So, we have left them out!

Allergen Free

Most cosmetics use fragrances with allergens in which can potentially cause allergic reactions, especially on dogs with very sensitive skin. All the fragrances in ScruffyChops are 100% allergen-free blends so sensitive pooches can use ScruffyChops with confidence.

Reduced Plastic Packaging

ScruffyChops comes in a pouch because, as well as looking way cool, they use roughly 50% less plastic than most other 250ml plastic bottles and are 100% recyclable. Why not celebrate by cracking open a pouch of bubbly!

Rhubarking Mad

Rhubarb & Custard Flavour

Paul’s dad used to put manure on his rhubarb, we just put custard on ours, it tastes better! Wash your dog in this stuff and as well as having a sparkling clean and healthy coat they will smell good enough to eat, (but don’t!)

ScruffyChops Rhubarking Mad Dog Shampoo

Sugar Doggy

Brown Sugar Flavour

This sweet caramel-y brown sugar aroma will have you salivating like a bull mastiff watching a child eating ice cream. Our shampoos are great for all hair types and will leave your doggy smelling sweeeeet!

ScruffyChops Sugar Doggy Dog Shampoo

Zest in Show

Pink Grapefruit Flavour

The alarm goes off, you lean out of bed and stroke the dog and all of a sudden it’s a spring morning and the air is oh so fresh! That zing in your nose is the fresh whiff of zesty pink grapefruit. Perfect for your own little best in show!

ScruffyChops Zest in Show Dog Shampoo

Muddy Marvellous

Coconut Flavour

This stuff is awesome! It’s made with Dead Sea mud, salt and minerals making it deeply hydrating and soothing. A marvellous conditioner for all dogs and super kind to dry skin. This is to dogs what spinach is to Popeye!

ScruffyChops Muddy Marvellous Dog Conditioner